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Best Nobuna Alternative site for WordPress Themes & Plugins – Honest Review

Nobuna Alternative site – WordPress-based websites are currently dominating the website development space and their popularity seems to be increasing at an enormous rate. The reason for that is simple, creating and managing a personal or business website is much easier and simpler with WordPress.

Even the people who have no knowledge of web development tools and technologies, can also go on and use WordPress to create websites in a short amount of time.

This massive increase the popularity of WordPress has also given rise to the need for WordPress themes and plugins. WordPress themes and plugins are software solutions that make it easier for users to create, optimize and manage their online platforms.

There are a lot of official and 3rd Party Themes and Plugins providers that you can go to. We are going to talk about some of the best options for buying authentic WordPress themes and plugins online.

So, let’s get straight to it

Srmehramclub – Best Nobuna Alternative in 2022

Nobuna is one of the most popular websites for WordPress themes and plugins. They have over 3000 products and you can buy the membership of this website to download all the available themes and plugins. Their membership plan is also quite reasonable. But this website is not what we are here to talk about.

We are going to share with you another amazing platform that offers a much bigger collection of WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins. The website is none other than the Srmehranclub.

Srmehranclub is probably the biggest WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins marketplace in the entire world. They have a massive collection of a staggering 15500+ GPL themes and GPL plugins that you can download from this site in a reasonable price range.

Let’s go over some of the most amazing features that we have found in Srmehranclub that are just simply amazing     

Srmehranclub Best Features

  • Massive Collection of Themes & Plugin

Srmehranclub offers over 20500 WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins for their users. All their products are 100% authentic and available for you 24/7. Unlike Nobuna, the collection of themes and plugins here is huge. You won’t find a bigger variety of original products anywhere else. With over 5 million total downloads, this website is the hallmark for excellence in the WordPress themes and plugins market.          

  • 100% Original GPL Licensed Products

All the themes and plugins provided by Srmehranclub are 100% authentic and original. Their products are GPL licensed so you won’t have to buy the license and you can use these products any way you want to. Srmehran has a huge base of customers who are totally satisfied with the quality of services that they have to offer.  

  • Excellent Customer Support

Srmehranclub has excellent customer support. No matter what problem you are facing regarding the download and installation of WordPress themes and plugins, our proficient staff is always here to help you with all your queries. Their customer support staff is friendly and helps you take care of the problem in the most effective way.      

  • Vulnerability Services

Srmehranclub also offers website vulnerability analysis services for their members. They have amazing tools for website analysis that you can download from their website and use them to manage the security of your site. 

  • New & Older Versions Support

The biggest benefit of Srmehranclub is, you can download all the latest as well as older versions for a theme or plugin as per your personal preference. All the updates would be provided to the users instantly and they would be able to download the updates as well as the older versions for the same themes and plugins from the Srmehranclub website.  

Srmehranclub Plugins

Srmehranclub developers have come up with some of the most amazing tools that would help their members manage their WordPress-based website in a more effective way. Below are some of the best Srmehranclub Plugins that can be downloaded from their website

  • Automatic Update Plugins

This plugin helps the Srmehranclub members get instant updates for their downloaded WordPress GPL themes and plugins, straight through their WordPress dashboard. This means is, users, don’t have to go on to the Srmehran website to get the updates. They would be able to download the updates through this plugin that they install on their WordPress.  

  • Toolkit Update Plugin

Toolkit plugin will help Srmehranclub users to add all their websites to this tool which would connect their site to the Srmehranclub themes and plugins collection. No matter how many sites you have, you’d be able to manage all their themes and plugin update through one interface using the Toolkit update plugin. This tool takes the ease of plugin update to a whole new level.

  • Srmehranclub Elementor Templates Kit Plugin

Templates Kit Plugin allows the Srmehranclub members to get instant access to all the Elementor Templates and Blocks through this tool. Srmehranclub is one of the biggest Elementor Templates and Blocks providers in the market. And with this tool, you’d be able to download all the Elementor Templates and blocks from Srmehranclub, without even having to visit the website.    

SrmehranClub Membership

Srmehranclub offers a wide range of membership plans that you can choose from, depending on what works the best for you. All the plans are extremely affordable considering what these plans entail

Let’s briefly go over some of the membership plans that you can buy from Srmehranclub

  • Standard: Costs just $29 for the first month and $15 per month onwards
  • Semester: Costs only $59 for 6 months and then $49 for the next 6 months
  • Premium: Costs just $89 per year and $69 per year onwards
  • Lifetime: Costs only $107 for Lifetime Membership (With 7200 downloads per year)
  • Super One: Costs about$649for Lifetime (With Unlimited Downloads)

About Srmehranclub Laughing Nature Campaign

Srmehranclub is also quite active in environment preservation campaigns.

Final Words for Nobuna Alternative site

Both are 100% trusted websites there is no question mark, I have personally used both sites, and Nobuna offers 30 days money back with no question asked. And Nobuna provides 100% GPL products and they Update time to time and also they reply to your email, not like other bad GPL sites, one more good thing is nobuna does not provide nulled and crack versions that’s great however Srmehranclub is also very professional and comes with huge collections you find products of others CMS as well, none of them come close to the quality of services that Srmehranclub has to offer.

You won’t find a better and bigger collection of GPL WordPress themes and plugins anywhere else. It depends on you what you like, Happy to choose anyone which you like most. For me, both are good sites sorry not only good but trusted sites.

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