What are the 100% safe free GPL sites to download themes

What are the 100% safe free GPL sites or Clubs to download GPL themes & GPL Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce?

In this article, I am going to share some websites where you can download 100% safe and free GPL themes and plugins for WordPress. Though many GPL websites on the internet claim that they offer 100% safe and free GPL themes and plugins, there is no proof. And no one can find out whether it is safe and free. So, to make it easier, I have researched some reputed GPL websites. Some websites are mentioned below: – Are GPL Themes & Plugins Safe to Use and legal? All You Need to Know

GPLDL.com – Not Recommended

One of the first sites called GPLDL has licensed premium WordPress themes, Plugins, and woo commerce extensions worth thousands of US$. This site has got tons of different plugins and themes and much different stuff for WordPress that you can download. Premium WordPress Plugins, Premium WordPress themes, and much for a little monthly amount.

Premium WooCommerce Extension can be quite pricey. In the repository folder for the Premium WordPress themes and there are tons of plugins and themes. You have to press the command + F key on Mac and ctrl + F key on windows and search for the theme you want to look for and simply download.

You can sign up for a free membership just by clicking sign-in from the top right corner. A very good thing about this site is that everything is German so you are not pirating anything like that. You get a legitimate theme and plugin completely free. Also, you get the option of donating if you like any product. Though I haven’t used GPLDL.com so I can’t assure you how safe it is. Also, it doesn’t offer you to download any WordPress Theme, Plugin, and Templates for free.

Srmehranclub.com – Safe GPL sites (Highly Recommended) 🥰 Laughing nature campaign freely support

Srmehranclub is the world’s largest website to download 100% safe and free Best GPL themes and plugins for WordPress. You can create your dream business or portfolio website the way you want to. Srmehranclub products and services help you reach out to your targeted audience, build your brand and take your business sales to a whole new level.

Their products don’t include the author’s support this means they can offer up to 90% on all the products and services. All the products available on Srmehranclub are 100% authentic, wholly legal and GPL licensed. So you’ll be able to use these themes and plugins on any number of sites you want to. You can even download templates and blocks for free.

Why choose Srmehranclub

  • As Srmehranclub is the number one trusted GPL licensed site with a wide array of themes, plugins, and templates
  • It offers all the products and services at competitive prices and some even free to download
  • It offers 24/7 technical firms and tickets apart, they believe in creating something that stands out.

This is what their products and services will help you do the right job. Also, they offer themes and plugins for content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magenta, and e-star design solutions for platforms like woo commerce, Shopify, Open cart, Prestashop, and a lot more.

This website also has a  vast collection of elementor and HTML templates that you can directly install and customize as per your requirements. You can access all the products, services, and features of Srmehranclub at an extremely affordable price. I use this GPL site and am pretty impressed with its services. I recommend you to use Srmehranclub once and let me know your experience.

GPL.COFFEE – Not Recommended

Another best and trusted website for WordPress developers and website owners. Offers you paid GPL WordPress Themes, plugins, and templates tagged as “Pro Items”. Hand-picked the highest and best quality plugin to boost your projects immediately. Provides daily updates as there is a new version launched. All the themes and plugins are on GPL. coffee is licensed under GPL 2.0+ which allows it to redistribute to others.

If you want to download safe and free GPL themes and Plugins, then you must consider this website. GPL means that the plugin or themes you downloaded can be modified the way you want. This GPL site has a lot to offer like the best and most well-known products in their categories. All products are credible, stable, and compatible. The best available brand for WordPress brings the best products on GPL coffee. Which are simply from the most trustworthy developers for your website.

GPL Coffee is the one-stop for premium WordPress plugins and themes which was created for the developers. All the scripts you get on this website are of high-quality PHP. I wasn’t able to use this website as it doesn’t allow you to use their Free Trial plan, though, I just wanted to try some free WordPress Themes and plugins. But Couldn’t! This GPL site is not for you if you are looking for any free WordPress themes or plugins. Another GPL site that is hard to say whether it’s safe or not. I leave that to you to decide and do let me know.

GPLZONE.COM – very average products & support

Gplzone.com is another trusted and 100% safe to download premium themes and plugins for WordPress. This GPL club has a huge list to offer with more than 2500 premium plugins and themes with automatic updates. All plugins and themes are licensed under GPL and can be used on as many websites as you want to. One of the major drawbacks of all the GPL sites is that most of them don’t provide technical support.

If you want full support, it is advised that you must purchase the themes or plugins from the original developer. Here also they will provide you the updates as and when available from the original developer. You can get every plugin or theme you are looking for at just $4.99 for almost every product you purchase. You will get free updates but not automatic updates also they don’t provide free WordPress themes and plugins.

Automatic updates are only for those who have a membership. Though you can join the club for $19 for 6 months. It is a one-time payment, $29 for 1 Year, and $49 for a lifetime respectively. This site provides authentic plugins and themes but not for free. If you are looking for authenticity and money is not a matter, then you can try this website for yourself.


So here is the guide on “Is there any website to download 100% safe and free GPL Themes and Plugins for WordPress”. All the websites I have mentioned above are 100% safe and some are free to use. Though, there are too many GPL websites available on the internet. It is hard to verify whether any specific website is offering genuine products or not. It is always advised to research thoroughly before you buy any GPL WordPress plugins and themes.

Remember, Choosing the wrong free GPL sites the GPL themes or plugins can make or break the website you are longing for. Be aware of free websites, vendors, and non-credible sources that might look suspicious and may contain harmful malware and viruses. The article above is from my personal experiences, now it’s your decision. Try all the above-mentioned websites and stick to the one you think is authentic and provides free tools. But Srmehranclub – the best GPL site is highly recommended and 100% safe on this list so you may purchase from there.

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