Is it legal to sell themes under General Public License

Is it legal to sell Products like WordPress plugins and themes purchased from 3rd party developers under GPL (General Public License)?

First, let’s understand what GPL is. GPL stands for General Public License, a series of vastly-used free software licenses that guarantee end-user to use, modify, and distribute the software. Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), wrote these licenses originally to grant end-users free software rights. This means that any derivative work has to be distributed under the same license. If I put it in more easy words, GPL was the first copyleft license for general use. – Are GPL Themes & Plugins Safe to Use and legal? All You Need to Know

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Is it legal to sell themes under General Public License

Terms and conditions of the GPL are available to anybody who receives the software that has a GPL license. The license holder is allowed to charge a fee or may do this for free. This is what distinguishes the GPL from the licensed software that restricts commercial redistribution. Srmehranclub is one of the best and 100% safe to download WordPress GPL plugins and themes with a valid GPL license. Which states that distributors may not impose restrictions granted by GPL. 

GPL software can be used for all purposes, which includes commercial purposes, and even as a tool for creating a proprietary one. The greatest thing about WordPress that attracts me is the open-source community behind it. And, is all thanks to thousands of plugins and themes available. With these plugins and themes and their drag and drop UI, even a novice can create and deploy a WordPress site with ease. Srmehranclub – GPL Site is the best example where you can download genuine and 100% authentic WordPress themes and plugins with proper GPL licenses.

Though WordPress itself comes under the GPL license. Rarely enforced but hotly debated that PHP code must also be licensed under the GPL. All the premium plugins and themes are also released under GPL license and can be legally distributed to others. And the process goes on and on without any permission. Almost everybody in the world of the internet uses some form of open source. So why not try Srmehranclub if you want to improve your website and make use of some great plugins they have in store.


Reselling third-party plugins and themes is very much in trend these days and is easy to do. As simple as purchasing a genuine product, setting up a website, sell it for a cheaper price than the developer is charging. With very minimal effort. The most important thing to note is that most premium plugins and themes are not selling you their code. But, Srmehranlub is selling their whole license for updates, add-ons, and support. This guarantees that you are receiving a quality product from a reputable source. 

When someone distributes GPL themes and plugins for modified versions, the requirement for distributing the whole work. This requirement is called copyleft. Copyleft uses almost the same copyright laws to fulfill its goal differently. It permits distribution to all parties as they provide the same rights to the next one, and they to the next one, etc. Copyleft only applies to those who seek to redistribute the software further. Where developers may modify the version without any obligation for further use. One such example is Srmehranclub which offers its customers a wide range of WordPress GPL Plugins and Themes with no obligations to divulge the modifications. 


Today there’s a huge demand for extending the basic functionality of WordPress by using plugins. WordPress, being an open-source community, developing WordPress products, or sharing valuable strategic advice about how to grow a plugin business, has become a real opportunity. It should not be just a side project or hobby anymore. Below are 4 main approaches for making money out of plugins.

  1. You can create a plugin and sell it on your website or through marketplaces like Srmehranclub. If you are selling on your website, you have a lot of creative control and freedom, but it requires you to adopt a business mindset, which means building a solution that attracts a broad audience and implementing marketing strategies to drive traffic to your plugin site otherwise no one will find your plugin and pay for its premium features. 
  • If you decide to start your own GPL site business. It’s important to think not only about functionality but also about things like licensing, support, subscription payments, and above all user experience. This approach can be used after you develop a plugin that starts getting traction because you will surely get feature and customization requests. At this point, it’s important to remember that you are, naturally, the number one expert who can customize your plugin like Srmehranclub. So you have lots of opportunities like you can offer customizations at an hourly rate.
  • The third one is using your development skills to create custom plugins for clients. Many WordPress agencies look for developers to develop custom solutions or customize existing plugins based on the clients’ needs. Here the advantage is that you build a specific solution in the form of GPL plugins for a single customer and get paid hourly for your work.
  • When you have gained enough experience and knowledge, you can also share your expertise by educating others through writing blog posts, filming short videos, or creating an online course. Suppose you get a big enough audience, you might attract sponsors and advertisers that will be willing to pay for advertising space on your website.


Yes, It is legal to sell plugins and themes purchased from 3rd party developers under GPL (General Public License). Srmehranclub is the one-stop shop for any genuine and authentic WordPress plugin and themes at a very affordable price with a 100% valid GPL license. Srmehranclub provides its users with the functionality they need for their websites. Through this site, developers and website creators make a living out of doing something they love – everyone is happy! 

Try Srmehranclub and make your website look outstanding and responsive with their wide range of WordPress Plugins and Themes. 

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