WPMU DEV Live Stream Widget


Live Stream Widget displays an animated live stream of all the latest content from across your network.

Gather the latest activity from your site in one place – just like the fancy animated recent activity feed on Facebook and Twitter.

Fancy Animation

Show a slick looping feed that slides new content in as its created, giving users and visitors an easy way to discover new content.

Add another level of engagement. Promote the latest activity on your site without any extra effort.

More Ways to Customize

Add Live Stream Widget to any widget area on your site and create a custom configuration for each use.

Set width, height, avatars display, feed permissions and how much content to show.

Multisite Magic

Give every site on your network the power to stream their newest content.

Plus, with the power of Post Indexer and Comment Indexer you can create a global live feed and stream activity from across your network.


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