9 Best Woocommerce WordPress Best GPL website or GPL Clubs to Buy Best WordPress GPL themes, Plugins, and Templates #1 Trusted, Recommended, and Personally Used!

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9 Best Woocommerce WordPress Best GPL website or GPL Clubs to Buy Best WordPress GPL themes, Plugins, and Templates #1 Trusted, Recommended, and Personally Used! 11

Best GPL Sites – First, let’s get to know about WordPress a bit. It is licensed under the open-source GPL. This license has certain rules like what you can’t and what you can do with WordPress. GPL has certain limitations and allows you to reuse, modify and redistribute for commercial as well as personal use. WordPress Plugins and Themes are licensed under the same license. Which gives you the freedom to reuse, modify and distribute free and premium WordPress plugins.

Relatively, remodifying and redistributing the modified plugin or theme developed by someone else is not illegal at all, but it is an unethical activity. GPL license allows you to modify and redistribute someone else’s development under your name, resulting in lots of people taking advantage of this license.

In the WordPress community, online stores are known as GPL Clubs. The reason behind these stores is that most of the themes and plugins are expensive and everybody can’t afford them. Especially when you get the same product at a much lesser price. You will be surprised to know that these stores don’t develop or update any of the products they sell which are purchased from the genuine developer.

Q What are GPL sites?

Answer – GPL stands for General Public License. This license often comes with digital products like software and gives the user permission to download, use, modify, and redistribute the software, without any kind of copyright issues.

GPL sites are online platforms that sell GPL products. GPL is most commonly used with WordPress themes and plugins. So, using GPL sites, you can download themes and plugins for your WordPress and use them as per your preference.

Q Which is the Best GPL Site?

Answer – Srmehranclub is the best GPL website for themes and plugins that you can find out there. This website offers over 16,200 premium GPL themes and plugins that you can download by purchasing an affordable membership.

Q Is the GPL site safe?

Answer – Yes, using a GPL site doesn’t create any kind of legal or security issues for you. Using GPL sites is perfectly safe. Still, you should only go to trusted GPL platforms like Srmehranclub to avoid safety and security risks 

Q What are the best GPL theme and GPL plugins?

Answer – There is no right answer to this question about the best GPL themes and plugins. There are a lot of remarkable products out there that you can get under GPL. You need to search based on the kind of themes and plugins that you are looking for.

Q Where can I buy GPL themes?

Answer – You can use GPL websites to buy GPL themes. GPL websites offer you premium quality GPL themes that you can get at an affordable price which would be much less than the original price of the theme. 

Q How can I get a free premium WordPress theme?

Answer – It is not possible to get a free WordPress theme. It is not a good idea to download free GPL themes from a random source because of security issues.

If you want to get a free premium WordPress theme, you can join our Laughing Nature campaign to get the standard membership for free. Using the membership, you’d be able to download a premium GPL WordPress theme for free. Click here to learn more about the Laughing Nature Campaign by Srmehranclub.

Q Are all WP plugins GPL?

Answer – No, not all WordPress plugins are GPL. GPL themes and plugins are only the ones that are released under the GPL license. If you are not interested in GPL products, you can find themes and plugins from the official websites of the themes and plugins developers.

Q Our WooCommerce plugins GPL?

Answer – Yes, a lot of the WooCommerce plugins are GPL. You can visit Srmehranclub to find the best WooCommerce GPL plugins for your online store.

Q What does GPL stand for?

Answer – GPL stands for General Public License. It is a license that allows the user of the software to use, modify, share, and redistribute it without needing permission from the creator. 

Q Are all WordPress themes GPL?

Answer – No, not all WordPress themes are GPL. You can find themes and plugins that are not GPL on various platforms online.

Q Can I use GPL in commercial software?

Answer – Yes, if you are planning in building commercial software, you can release it under GPL. You can use GPL in this case if you want to.

Q How do I get GPL license themes?

Answer – You can use a GPL website to download a GPL license theme. You should check out our massive library of GPL themes at Srmehranclub to find the best options. 

Q Is GPL a copyleft?

Answer – Yes, all the series of GPL come under copyleft. Copyleft says that all the derivations of a product must be shared under the same licensing rules as the product from which they are derived. 

Q Are GPL plugins legal?

Answer – Yes, GPL plugins are completely legal and there are no risks involved in using these plugins.


Srmehranclub – #NO1 WordPress best GPL site

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Srmehranclub ranks # 1in the list of 5 Best WordPress GPL Sites because it is one such club that offers a huge variety of plugins and services at a very nominal price. Since its existing form in 2016, at Srmehranclub your search ends no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced developer with its 15500+ Premium Themes, Templates, and Plugins. One of the oldest GPL clubs that completed 5 years with a large base of satisfied customers has a five-star rating on TRUSTPILOT’s famous review website. Thus, proving it an authentic website. This site provides only 100% GPL plugins and themes not nulled and crack versions.

All types of plugins, themes, and templates you can think of are available on Srmehranclub, including more than 650 parent developers. Create your dream website the way you want to. With Srmehran you can improve your sales and reach new levels.

Below I have mentioned some Plugins, Themes, and Brands.

Srmehran Template Kit

This is a great way to import hundreds of free and premium templates whether it is a full-page or block template. Also, you can use plugins or templates on an unlimited website. No purchase is required to import free blocks and templates. Srmehran Template Kit allows you to directly import Elementor Templates and blocks. Beneficial for both premium and non-premium users. Just register on Srmehran, Download the tool, and you are all set to use it.

GPL WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress Themes can help take your business to another level. Everybody wants well-organized business needs without any depletion of time. With Srmehranclub you are provided with the best and highly rated themes with good feedback. Some popular themes are – the DIVI theme, Sahifa Theme, NewsPaper WordPress Theme, and much more to explore. You can check out all products here.

An add-on is software that contains a group of functions that offers better functions needed to create a professional-looking website. Srmehranclub has covered almost all the potential add-ons for your needs. Must try

Srmehran Toolkit Update – Manage all your website from a single dashboard

The amazing feature of the Srmehranclub Toolkit Update is that it will provide the same version available on the official website. And you will be able to manage all your WordPress websites from the Srmehran Toolkit Update Plugin. This plugin not only offers you themes and plugin updates but some great features like security and website monitoring.

Srmehranclub Membership Benefits:-

  • Huge Product Quantity
  • Affordable Price
  • Oldest/Most Trustworthy
  • Latest Version
  • Original Products 
  • Legal Under GPL License
  • Automatic Update
  • Toolkit Updates
  • Elementor Templates Kit
  • Follow For Updates Notification
  • Vulnerability Service
  • Hire Us Offer 
  • Direct Download Links
  • Money Back guarantee
  • Phone Support
  • Other CMS & Php, Html 
  • Provide Older Version 
  • User Friendly Store
  • Believes In Transparency
  • Recommended 
  • Technical Premium Support
  • Free From Nulled/Crack Version

Gplpilot.com – 2nd best GPL site

9 Best Woocommerce WordPress Best GPL website or GPL Clubs to Buy Best WordPress GPL themes, Plugins, and Templates #1 Trusted, Recommended, and Personally Used! 12

Gplpiolt has a mega collection of premium themes, WordPress plugins, and Woo commerce. 

In addition to that, all the products in Gplpilot are verified and unique. With huge customer loyalty that backs the Gplpilot. It has become one of the best and most trusted GPL sites. 

One of the prominent features, of why Gplpilot is famous among its users, is due to its 24/7 customer services and instant solutions. Makes customers choose Gplpilot more. 

The cherry on top is if you are one of the members of Gplpilot then you can have access to the older versions of the latest versions of plugins and themes. 

Furthermore, the unlimited and nonstop use of the GPL and regular updates makes Gplpilot different from the other GPL services provider. 

The extra features that Gplpilot provides to its members are on Shopify, WordPress, open card, virtue mart, HTML, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, adobe xd, adobe photoshop, PSD, and many more. 

Gplpilot offers three plans to its users. 

  1. Basic ($15) first year 
  2. Plus ($75) first year 
  3. Lifetime ($99) first year

And if you still choose Gplpilot for consecutive years the price would be discounted to 10$, $69, and lifetime (no money needs to be paid) 

One thing to keep in mind: each plan has its features. So do read it. And select the plan according to your need. 


9 Best Woocommerce WordPress Best GPL website or GPL Clubs to Buy Best WordPress GPL themes, Plugins, and Templates #1 Trusted, Recommended, and Personally Used! 13

The next in our GPL list is WordPress GPL themes.

The reasons why one should opt for WordPress GPL themes are their authentication and unique products. On top of that, helpful customer service through 24/7 live chat. 

Moreover, the wide collection of products makes it easier for customers to choose from. 

All the documentation process is handy and simple. Purchasing or reselling is very natural in  WordPress GPL themes.

 WordPress GPL themes are mostly recommended by YouTubers and have wide loyalty among customers. 

The standard plan for WordPress GPL themes starts from $15 per month. 

The cherry on top is, that after the renewal of the subscription next year the rate for your WordPress GPL themes starts from $10 per month. 

While a premium plan is $75 per month. 

After the renewal of the subscription next year the rate for your GPL themes starts from $69 per month. 

And lastly, for the lifelong plan, the rate of your WordPress GPL themes is around $99. 

The latter is only for one time. After a one-time payment.  You can use WordPress GPL themes for a lifetime. 


9 Best Woocommerce WordPress Best GPL website or GPL Clubs to Buy Best WordPress GPL themes, Plugins, and Templates #1 Trusted, Recommended, and Personally Used! 14

Naturally, the name of Nulled themes plugins is on our list. 

Nulled themes plugins are considered one of the best service providers for GPL. 

Firstly offering services like unlimited usage of the site and excellent customer care services.  

On top of that Nulled themes, and plugins are giving additional benefits like verified products, regular updates, a wide range of collections, and access to old versions. 

Almost every aspect is covered in Nulled themes plugins. 

If we talk about pricing factors the standard plan for Nulled themes plugins starts at $15 for the initial month. 

After the payment of the next month, only $10 a month will be charged.

Services included access to all products and new releases, regular update, unlimited domain usage, daily 5 downloads, update until subscription expired, fast download, and technical support. 

And for Semester plan is $59 and the premium is $75 per month. 

While the lifelong plan is for only $99. It is for one charge payment. 

Lifelong payment includes services like access to all products, access to all new releases, regular update, unlimited domain usage, daily 20 downloads, update until the subscription expires, fast download, and technical support. 

Nulled theme plugins cover all the factors you need to have dealing with GPL. 


9 Best Woocommerce WordPress Best GPL website or GPL Clubs to Buy Best WordPress GPL themes, Plugins, and Templates #1 Trusted, Recommended, and Personally Used! 15

Last but not least on our list is Wowgpl. Wowgpl is one of the finest GPL service providers you can ever get. 

With services like themes, GPL plugins, lifetime updates, and 24 by-7 customer services.

In addition to that, Wowgpl offers no limit use of their sites, with access to old versions, huge product collections, verified products, and regular updates.

All of these amazing services are just $10 per month. 

The basic standard plan for Wowgpl is $10 per month. 

This involves functions like access to all products and new releases, regular update, unlimited domain usage, daily 5 downloads, update until subscription expired, fast download and technical support. 

All of these services are available every month. 

And if you opt for a yearly basis plan which is a premium plan it would cost you around $75. 

while the lifelong plan would cost you around $99. 

Features in a lifelong plan involve access to all products and new releases, regular updates, unlimited domain usage, daily 20 downloads, update until the subscription expired, fast download,s and technical support. 

Wowgpl is safe and cost-effective.


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Nobuna.com ranks # 5 in the list of 9 Best WordPress GPL Sites because it allows you to download all the plugins and templates for free. Yes, you heard that right. It gives free access to all new updates, no modified or redeveloped files, instant plugin, and theme updates as released. You get free updates till your subscription is valid. No nulled or crack version.

Nobuna Club Membership – Benefits

  • You can use plugins on unlimited websites
  • Nobuna Plugin Manager updates plugins automatically
  • You get an activated plugin that is ready for use
  • 100% genuine plugins and themes under GPL
  • Scanned and verified by McAfee Secure.
  • 30-day money return guarantee
  • Recommended

Nobuna Membership Plans

Though Nobuna has just three plans to offer which provide so many more features than any other club does. These plans include unlimited downloads, all themes, and plugins with automatic updates.

  • You can grab this plan for just $19 for the first month and $15 for the rest of the following months.
  • Semester Plan for $49
  • Annual Plan for $89
  • At Nobuna, all themes and plugins are premium
  • Can cable membership at anytime
  • Get free updates

How Come Themes and Plugin are so Cheap at Nobuna?

Well, there’s no catch. It’s absolutely legal. As we know WordPress is distributed using GPL. It simply means freedom is what you want to do with that particular product. Nobuna buys the genuine plugin or Theme and resells it to others at a much lower price.

Note – It is always advised to check the plugin or theme you are downloading from Nobuna might not be the latest one. It’s better to keep a check whether the available download is compatible with your current WordPress version.

GPLvault.com – Is it the Best GPL Site?

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GPLVault ranks # 6 in the list of 9 Best WordPress GPL Sites. After using many GPL sites I have discovered that GPL Vault by far is the good GPL site not the best. They take feature requests seriously and professionally. Using the same principle as many other GPL sites do. Buying the plugins and reselling them to the end-user.

GPL Vault Club Membership – Benefits
  • Access to new release
  • Usage on unlimited websites
  • Regular Product Updates
  • But allows you to download only 20 items per day
  • Can cancel your subscription anytime you want.
  • Not 100% GPL Products this is a problem with this site
GPL Vault Club Membership Plans

This Club has 2 Plans in its vault for you

  • Monthly Plan for $14.97 per month
  • Annual plan for $87, you can save 50% of the monthly price.
GPL Vault.com – Features

As there is a cap of a max of 20 downloads per day for a single user.

You need to enter API keys in the updater plugin whenever there is an update. You will get a notification on your WordPress dashboard, where you can perform a one-click update. Also at GPLvault.com, you are restricted to install 30 of the updater plugins which keep all your plugins up to date via an API.

While this is to remember, plugins like Gravity Forms and WPMU Dev are adapting SaaS-based software and licensing software systems. Such plugin requires active membership and License Key. This makes the plugin safe and secure which doesn’t allow anyone to download it from any unauthorized source.

GPL Guru –

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GPL Guru ranks # 7 in the list of 9 Best WordPress GPL Sites. GPLguru.com is one of the renowned GPL clubs on the internet which was founded in 2016 and now offers access to 2800+ WordPress Plugins and themes.


GPL guru has 2 basic Membership Plans

  1. Junior Membership
  • Has a limit of 12 downloads / Day
  • Access to 2800+ files
  • Subscription is valid for 30 days
  • Just for $14.99 / month
  1. VIP Membership
  • Has a limit of 12 downloads / Day
  • 45% Off over monthly Plan
  • Access to 2800+ file
  • Subscription is valid for 1 year.
  • Just for $99 / Year

Though GPLguru.com, unfortunately, I didn’t find enough information on whether GPLguru is safe. So I decided to describe it as legit, So I decided to take up the reviews on gplguru.com.

Firstly, I noticed that the last updated Plugin/theme under the tab [VERSIONS] was Advanced Custom Fields Pro ACF version 5.9.5 was updated on 15.02.2021. This was the latest update of all plugins/themes on gplguru.com

Though, under the tab [Updates] I found some recently updated plugins/themes. But as you go over the tab [Shop] you will see a huge difference in the price in comparison to Srmehran, Nobuna, and GPL Vault so far. Gpl guru has the higher price products on its list. So why would anybody or ask yourself, would go for GPLguru theme/plugins?

Without any luring features, Gplguru offers the same feature like other GPL websites have to offer. But with a higher price.

GPL Chimp

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gplchimp.png

GPL Chimp ranks # 9 in the list of 5 Best WordPress GPL Sites. With lots of blabbering above and what they have in store for real. Perhaps, you are forced to think about all the GPL sites out there on the internet and the products they offer. I will leave this to you.

Well, GPL Chimp offers 300+ WordPress Plugins, Extensions, and Themes.

GPL Chimp – Features

  • No Hidden charges
  • Download any plugin and theme under one subscription
  • Can cancel subscription anytime
  • Accepts payment through PayPal only
  • All plugin and themes from reliable sources
  • Latest updates
  • Premium themes and plugin under Club membership
  • No modified scripts.

Note – If you are looking for the GPL scripts, just keep in mind that GPLChimp has costlier Plugins and Themes to offer in comparison to other GPL sites/clubs. Research well before you purchase any GPL script.

As I went through the official website gplchimp.com, “WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins” I was surprised to see the prices of the products. None of them Is under $10. But they have too much variation of monthly subscriptions for different products. For eg., If you only want to purchase an extension of the WooCommerce Product Addons Extension you will have to buy it for $10 for a year. And if you have a Club membership, you just pay $15 a month for unlimited download.

This option is good for those who want to work on a particular Theme, Plugin, or Extension throughout the year. The website shifted to SSL/TLS. Upgrading their resources and shifting the files to a more secure and faster download provider. Which will enhance speed.


The whole idea behind the comprehensive article was to make you aware of what is GPL. How GPL Sites operate, features of GPL, and genuine scripts and their prices. After all the research I did about the 9 Best WordPress GPL Sites – Srmehranclub, Nobuna, GPL Vault, GPL Guru, & GPL Chimp. These 5 websites are placed according to the number they fall in. There is no such comprehensive guide on the Best WordPress GPL website like this one.

I personally suggest you join Srmehranclub Because after researching and spending too much time and after joining many GPL sites I feel Srmehranclub is the best no1 GPL company in every way. Let’s comment below on what’s your experience and what do you think about it?

We know many other GPL Sites websites that are famous too but they are providing nulled and crack versions by saying original products also they depend on many other GPL sites that make no sense in terms of security

Many people understand or do the mistake that scanning files on Totalvirus can give you perfect results and security but let me tell you, my friend, There are ways to identify viruses and malware but it doesn’t ensure 100% percent safety and security. An attacker can just change some functionality of the themes without raising any red flags So that this is very important to use a trusted source only before join any GPL sites must check the history of that company and Reviews on google you can also use Wayback machine to get some more clarity about the site. And Sorry but we are not scaring you here, we are making you aware of those things that people do not pay attention to those things and which are very important.

Note:- Make sure you have also well-researched before joining any third-party service provider.

Enjoy your GPL Version and Keep making a great and awesome website.

Thank you.

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