Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 5.2.1


Welcome to Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce! If you wish to gain the trust of customers and express the confidence in the quality of your products, make sure to provide a warranty as well as a return option. Remember, your sales depend on customer satisfaction. Our Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce is the most advanced manager you have come across. Its super friendly interface enables you to present the warranty information and set the terms and conditions quickly and with very little effort. Set a different warranty price or period for every last one of your products. The plug-in enables you to manage warranty status on the fly and send an e-mail to your customers directly from the request manager pages. Even guests are able to put in a warranty request; they will simply be required to provide the e-mail and the order ID. This plugin is designed to facilitate the way you handle warranty requests and that is one of the key factors your store’s professional reputation depends on.


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