WPMU DEV Communities


Communities adds powerful social features to Multisite without converting to a complete BuddyPress social network.

Share news, thoughts and ideas with individuals and groups.

Add a Bunch of Communities

Users can search for and join existing communities, or quickly create their own communities, by filling out a simple form.

Setup message boards, wikis, news areas and community dashboards with a click.

Spark Conversation

Each community has its own powerful message board with options to create multiple topics and threads. Stay in control with powerful moderation tools.

Make important conversations sticky and get valuable input.

Wikis Spread Big Ideas

Plus, each community also gets its own wiki. Get more done when members can add new pages, edit existing ones and even revert changes if required.

Wikis make it easy to share ideas with more, accurate information.

Enjoy simple social networking without having to configure all of BuddyPress with Communities for Multisite.


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