Easy Digital Downloads Amazon S3 Addon 2.3.13



This add-on for Easy Digital Downloads will allow you to store your downloadable files on Amazon S3, a simple and secure file storage system. With Amazon S3, your files are more secure and do not use any server bandwidth, which makes it great for all digital stores, both large and small.

When using the Amazon S3 add-on, you will upload files in almost exactly the same way as before, through the WordPress media library, but now the files are uploaded directly to your Amazon S3 account. Everything is done from within WordPress on the Download configuration page, so you never have to leave the comfort of your WordPress install.

You also have the option to select pre-existing files in your Amazon S3 bucket.

  • Access Key ID and Secret Key – These can be obtained by creating an IAM user in your S3 account. See our guide for information on how to create an IAM user with the proper permissions.
  • Bucket: This is the default bucket that you want files to be uploaded to. In order to create new buckets or get a listing of your current buckets, go to your S3 Console (you must be logged in to access the console). Your buckets will be listed on the left. Enter the name of the bucket you would like to use as the default here. When uploading files to Amazon S3, you will have the option to select the bucket you wish the file to be uploaded to.
  • Amazon S3 Host: This is the S3 host that your account is using. Most of the time this can be left as default. However, if your site has issues accessing your bucket, try changing this to the Endpoint for your region. You can find your region by logging into your AmazonS3 account, clicking on S3, and then taking a look at the URL in your browser’s address bar. At the very end it will say what the region is. Once you know that, find the right corresponding host listed on the Amazon S3 Region Documentation. Copy and paste that host and hit save in your WordPress.
  • Link Expiry Time: This is the number of minutes that the dynamically generated URL is valid for. When a customer clicks on a download link delivered by Easy Digital Downloads, a new URL for the file on Amazon S3 is generated on the fly. This is the number of minutes the new, secret URL is valid for.