Download Monitor Email Lock 4.3.4



The Email Lock extension for Download Monitor allows you to require users to fill in their email address before they gain access to a download.
Simply open the downloads you would like to be email locked and check the email lock checkbox. Email locked downloads will be only be accessible after a valid email address is entered.
The Download Lock extension uses the default [download] shortcode. After you’ve ’email locked’ a download the frontend will automatically display the form and lock the download. The shortcode only generates the form, giving you absolute freedom to build your own awesome download pages.
All entered email addresses are attached to the download and are exportable to a csv file with a single click.
Finally, the Email Lock extension comes with an overridable template file so you can change the complete HTML structure of the form if you want to.


  1. Is the email address validated?
    Yes, it is. The email address is validated by the browser (when supported) because it’s a native HTML5 email field. On top of that the email address is validated with JavaScript client-side and with PHP server-side.
  2. Will mobile devices show the correct keyboard with the generated Email Lock form?
    It will. The Email Lock extension generates a native HTML5 email field enabling mobile devices to display the correct keyboard.
  3. I want to change the HTML structure of the generated form, is this possible?
    It is. We realize that even when for most people the default HTML structure is great, you might want to have your custom template.


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